The DAF CF Series has earned a great reputation among drivers and operators for the stylish yet sturdy exterior, the spacious and comfortable cab with easy access, the class-leading ride and handling, the superior efficiency and well-proven reliability and durability. A top performer in every application.​

In line with DAF’s proven design philosophy – ‘driven by quality’ – operators and drivers alike will benefit from further enhanced safety, comfort and driveability. The mirrors (optionally available in cab colour) offer a large field of vision, the cat’s-eye combi-lights and the distinctive aluminium strip on the lower grille that signifies Euro 5 compliance, give the CF that little extra touch that makes a modern design even more so.

CF85 Rigid


Models: FAT, FAD
Configuration: 6×4 and 8×4
Cab: Day, Sleeper and Space Cabs
Engine: 6 cylinder, 12.9 litres,360/408/462/510hp
Transmission: ZF 12 Speed AS Tronic/ ZF 16 Speed (Manual or AS Tronic) / Eaton 18 speed manual
Rear Suspension: Spring or Air
Features: Disc brakes front, EBS, 22.5” wheel, optional driver’s air bag, SCR technology for Euro 5 compliance

CF85 Prime Mover


Models: FT, FTT
Configuration: 4×2 and 6×4
Cab: Day, Sleeper and Space Cabs
Engine: 6 cylinder, 12.9 litres, 360/408/462/510hp
Transmission: ZF 12 Speed AS Tronic/ Eaton 18 speed manual
Rear Suspension: ECAS (FTT)
Features: Disc brakes front (6×4 excluded), EBS, 22.5” wheel, optional driver’s air bag, SCR technology for Euro 5 compliance


The CF has compact external cab dimensions for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The low kerb weight for high payloads, sturdy design, powerful engines and broad range of chassis and axle configurations make the CF suitable for a multitude of applications including inner-city delivery and special tasks such as concrete pumpers or tankers to tippers and long-distance transport.​ Such a wide range of applications asks for different cab variants. The CF therefore comes with a choice of three cabs: a Day Cab, a Sleeper Cab and the extra roomy Space Cab, offering an interior height of 2.23 metres. All cab variants combine compact external dimensions with a surprisingly spacious interior and offer easy access, excellent visibility and an ergonomic working environment. The CF cab is clearly designed around the driver.[/text_output]


Comfort, safety and operational efficiency are at the heart of the CF design. Once inside the cab, the sense of roominess is evident, accentuated by the large windscreen and side windows. The intelligent use of space and high-quality materials in warm yet practical colours, creates an ergonomic environment that is both productive and pleasant.​ ​Special attention is given to the aesthetic design of the interior and durability of the materials. There are lighter trim colours for less frequently used areas, and darker, easier to clean shades for frequently touched areas. The camel grey coloured interior gives a comfortable feeling and offers a pleasant working and living atmosphere. Materials and finishes equal those of top class passenger cars, as do the well thought out comfort elements. The vents in the door panels, for instance, create a warm or cool air ‘curtain’ along the side windows for optimum driver comfort.[/text_output]

Ease of operation

Fingertip control for a safer drive and ergonomically designed steering wheel create ease of operation and less distraction and fatigue. Making driving safer, more comfortable and less stressful.

Steering Wheel

The thick rimmed, four spoke steering wheel provides a comfortable grip and clear view of the instruments. It is adjustable in angle and reach.

Storage Space

The space cab offers a total of 900 litres of storage space, including large lockers above the windscreen, which can even accommodate a microwave.


All PACCAR engines are designed to offer the highest standards of economy, reliability and durability.  The CF85 is equipped with the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine from the prestigious DAF XF105, available with power outputs of up to 462 hp and an impressive torque of up to a maximum of 2,300 Nm. The engine complies with Euro 5 emission standards thanks to the SMART injection system and SCR technology. The engine design results in increased service intervals, resulting in lower operating costs and maximum vehicle availability.[/text_output]


The robust CF chassis is made of high-quality steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong but lightweight chassis for high payloads. It is completely flat, making it the perfect base for any body type. To make the bodybuilder’s job as easy as possible, the main frame members are pre-drilled to ensure easy mounting of the body.  The CF chassis is available in a wide variety of wheelbases, chassis and axle configurations. The chassis shape, layout and positioning of components is designed to minimise vehicle weight and maximise available space.[/text_output]