DAF Trucks Sustainability

On the road to even cleaner road transport.

In the past years, significant progress has been made with regard to the impact of our trucks on the environment. Our current trucks are over 20% more efficient than the trucks we were making 20 years ago and emit 20% less CO2. This significant CO2 reduction has been achieved in parallel with huge NOx and PM reductions of over 95% since the introduction of emission standards.

These major achievements are the result of continuous investments in new and ground-breaking technologies, but that doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax. Society quite rightly expects us to contribute to addressing the important issues of global CO2 reduction and improving local air quality, or in other words: the search for sustainable transport solutions.

We focus on the further development of the diesel engine as well as on exploring and introducing various alternative technologies. Because it is important to realise that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all transport applications.

Alternative Fuels and Drivelines

DAF and its parent company PACCAR are exploring many routes that will lead from clean to sustainable energy sources; electric, hybrid and – in the long term – hydrogen. At the same time, the already very clean combustion engine is destined to become even cleaner in the future and more sustainable too, thanks to the arrival of these new generations of fuels.

Driving and Performance

As a transport operator, it’s impressive to see what you can already do today on the road to an even cleaner future. Did you know that for instance that the optimal setting of your vehicle’s deflectors can add to no less than 10% better fuel efficiency and thus 10% lower CO2 emissions.

Intelligent Logistics

New and advanced logistics and technological solutions add to overall transport efficiency. That’s why DAF is working in so many different areas to create intelligent concepts for tomorrow’s world. From truck platooning, to Eco combis and big data; a new vision for urban distribution.


DAF has always been at the forefront of meeting new emission standards in order to achieve even lower NOx and Particulate Matter emission levels, and now our focus is shifting to CO2 emissions more and more.

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