PACCAR Australia Builds the 250th DAF CF Truck

It’s a milestone month for DAF Trucks Australia with the 250th CF Prime Mover driving off the production line in Bayswater today.

The Euro 6 compliant CF 530 FTT is assembled at PACCAR Australia’s administration and manufacturing facility located in Victoria, that also builds Australian Made-World’s Best Kenworth trucks. Assembly of DAF trucks in Australia started in August 2018 with the CF85 510 FTT model, and now assembles the CF 530 FTT, CF 480 FTT and CF450 FTT models from Semi Knocked-Down (SKD) kits supplied by DAF Trucks in The Netherlands.

Local assembly allows the introduction of Australian engineering and design support and has resulted in the ability to paint the chassis to a customer’s requirements and fit the fifth-wheel, which is both a time and cost saving for customers. To date wheel rims, tyres, batteries and fifth-wheels are sourced from local suppliers, with that list set to expand as more models are planned for future assembly in Australia.

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