Fuel Efficiency – A Game of Percentages

Improving fuel efficiency, for operators and drivers is a game of percentages.

Here are some interesting statistics that can save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on fuel costs. A roof spoiler and side collars can save up to 10% on fuel costs, and an incorrect roof spoiler setting may reduce the benefit by up to 1%. Four spotlights and two air horns placed in the main airflow area over the cab roof may increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%. A tyre pressure that is 20% below the rated pressure will increase the fuel consumption by 5%. A smooth and efficient driving style will save 3-7% fuel. However, nothing comes close to an idling engine which uses about 1.5 litres of diesel per hour, which is bad news for your bottom-line and even worse for the environment!

Each new DAF truck has multiple systems on board that facilitate a more efficient, safer and relaxed drive, and it’s only when you know how to use them correctly that you can achieve maximum performance from each drop of diesel. Knowing how to use the engine brake and adaptive cruise control also leads to less wear and tear on the brake system.

DAF Driver Trainers can demonstrate how to drive trucks at least 10% more efficiently and reduce wear and tear saving money on fuel costs and maintenance.

Make sure you get in touch with our DAF Driver Trainers to improve your fuel efficiency.

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