2020 DAF Technician of the Year

From a shortlist of five DAF Technicians across Australia, Andrew Paterson has been named DAF Technician of the Year.

Chief Engineer PACCAR Australia, Noelle Parlier presented the 2020 DAF Technician of the Year award to Andrew congratulating him on his win and performance on the day.

“Andrew is a very deserving winner of the DAF Technician of the Year. He performed all the set tasks to an incredibly high standard. Thank you to Kenworth DAF Melbourne for hosting today and the training you’ve provided Andrew. Congratulations to all the DAF finalists who came to Melbourne today.”

The finalists were:

  • Tom Bryan – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Toowoomba
  • Campbell Byrne – CMV Kenworth DAF Adelaide
  • Matthew Henderson – CMV Kenworth DAF Adelaide
  • Daniel Jennings – CJD Kenworth DAF Perth
  • Andrew Paterson – Kenworth DAF Melbourne

Following Andrew in first place were Tom Bryan – Brown & Hurley Kenworth DAF Toowoomba in second place and Matthew Henderson – CMV Kenworth DAF Adelaide in third place.

The search for the 2020 DAF Technician of the Year began last October. All DAF Service Technicians were invited to participate in the National competition, which aimed to recognise and reward the best of the best. Five practical assessments measuring technical skills, product knowledge, engine expertise and professionalism were conducted.

The finals were held over a full day at Kenworth DAF Melbourne (KDM). An online component followed by a final practical test on a DAF was where Andrew secured his win. The finalists received over $30,000 worth of prizes, including a study tour to the Netherlands for Andrew as well as a selection of tools vital to his job.

Andrew was happy with the win and excited to take his wife to the home of DAF Eindhoven in Europe, and use the opportunity to visit family in Wales.

“PACCAR did an amazing job! It was well organised and the tasks throughout the day were both enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It was great to share this experience with technicians from other dealerships and also see the technical strength that’s available across Australia.”

“KDM has been a great support to myself and family since making the move from Wales. I’m thankful for the training and growth opportunities that is on offer. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the team to achieve bigger and better things in the future and making KDM the best workshop in the country.

I really enjoyed the plant tour at the end – It was really exciting seeing the DAFs going down the line.”

Kenworth DAF Melbourne Service Manager, Scott Thomas acknowledged Andrew’s work and commitment when reflecting on the win.

“We are all really proud of Andy’s efforts. I really love his easy going persona and attitude. He is always willing to help out and stay back whenever need be. Andy is modest and down to earth he deserves all the recognition and accolades that comes his way. He’s a great asset to our Dealership and has been since beginning working with us a couple of years ago”

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