PACCAR Australia deliver’s 4,000 DAF Truck

PACCAR Australia announced it recently delivered its 4,000th DAF vehicle, having first imported DAFs to this country in 1998 following parent company PACCAR Inc taking global ownership of DAF in 1996.

“We continue to gain market acceptance and it’s showing. Our numbers are increasing and our market share is growing, as we bring new products to market that meet and exceed the needs of our customers” says Robert Griffin, DAF General Manager. “The DAF brand under the PACCAR Group has also built an exceptional support network of dedicated dealerships across the country,” Rob explained.

With 20 years under the PACCAR reign, the ever expanding DAF model range (LF, CF75, CF85 and XF105 series) has earned an outstanding reputation for its manufacturing quality and overall reliability. Given that it’s backed by the PACCAR dealer network, which is the best of its kind in Australia, more people are beginning to see the value for money that the DAF product provides.

On 1st March 2016, owner operator Steve Brown of S&J Brown took delivery of the 4,000th vehicle.  He received a phone call from Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe shortly after the handover to discover he was actually involved in a second milestone with PACCAR.

S & J Brown (2)

“It was a bit of a surprise, being the 4,000th truck, because I was also their first CF85 customer in 2002,” said Steve.

When he started out in the car transporter game in 2000, Steve owned a Ford Louisville but over a short couple of years he found it was difficult getting in and out of car dealerships as they became tighter and tighter with more and more stock. To solve the problem he purchased a CF85 single drive.

“Back then it was the first European truck I had ever driven. Being the first Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe CF85 customer, I got to choose the number plate: DAF430, which related to the engine being 430 hp.”

“I tested out some of the competing vehicles, but in the end the CF85 got me over the line because being a previous DAF owner, I knew it was going to be very reliable and productive, and Suttons came up with a good deal.”

The FTT, 6×4 configuration came with automatic ZF 12 speed AS-Tronic transmission fitted with the 13-litre PACCAR MX engine at 460 hp. It features disc brakes at the front and Airglide suspension at the rear.

Steve needed a bogie drive for weight benefits over the drive, so Suttons delivered a bogie model accordingly.

“All up I’m carrying around 35 tonne, which includes seven cars. The DAF has a really good tare weight so it lends itself well for our needs and it’s got that balance of performance. And I’ve got to say, the quality of the ride you get out of the truck with the sound proofing — it’s comfortable, quiet and easy. It’s like driving a car,” declared Steve.

Steve purchased the Sleeper Cab design with under-bunk fridge for overnight trips throughout country New South Wales.

“The steering wheel controls, the new dash design, Bluetooth and all those other modern things like retarders and exhaust brakes I didn’t have six years ago on my old CF85, so it’s a real bonus to work in comfort now. Once you have all these new things you don’t want to live without them,” laughed Steve.

Daniel Glynn, DAF Sales Manager at Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe sold the 4,000th vehicle (a CF85 series) to S&J Brown.

Five years ago Daniel was selling trucks at a DAF dealership in Ireland. He arrived in Australia in 2008.

“Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe was my local dealer so I dropped in a resume and before I knew it, I had the job. They put me through a traineeship to help me understand the Australian market and I started off coordinating sales. I then moved into DAF sales,” explained Daniel.

Daniel then joined an elite group of sales representatives by winning the 2014 PACCAR Rising Star Award and in 2015 he became the DAF sales manager at the dealership. This accolade and his drive to develop improvements in sales have helped Daniel create new opportunities at the dealership.

“From my perspective, the awareness of DAF trucks has improved significantly and they’re very much accepted,” commented Daniel.

Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe is a family business that has spent 80 successful years servicing the central business district of Sydney. The late Sir Frederick Sutton officially opened the dealership on the 27th February 1998.

“We’re delighted that Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe was able to deliver the 4,000th DAF. I feel very proud we were able to deliver this milestone. The CF series is a very well kept secret in some respects, in a very competitive market segment, but once customers get in it, drive it and take ownership, they simply re-order,” said Daniel.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, DAF has been number one for more than 20 years; in Europe, DAF is the leading prime mover manufacturer; and in America, the PACCAR MX engine is being fitted into Kenworth and Peterbilt brands.

“We are now seeing a cross pollination of design and components that we’ve never seen before. The CF85 is our biggest seller and accounts for upwards of 30 percent in terms of DAF sales,” said Robert Griffin.

Robert is looking forward to rapidly getting closer to the 5,000th sale.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we are setting some milestones and we would thoroughly enjoy making the next milestone more quickly. Our customers certainly appreciate the productivity and reliability benefits that DAF delivers for them, and our total quality commitment and outstanding support network means we are with them all the way. The industry is also seeking value for money, and I think DAF encapsulates all of that.”

DAF Trucks Australia, a division of PACCAR Australia, distributes a range of medium and heavy-duty trucks throughout Australia. PACCAR Inc, a Six Sigma company, is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality light, medium and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF brands. PACCAR also designs and manufactures advanced diesel engines, provides financial services and information technology, and distributes truck parts related to its principal business.


For further information:

Kate Sykes
Marketing Services Manager
PACCAR Australia
Tel: (03) 9721 1500


Photo: From left to right: Daniel Glynn – DAF Sales Manager, Suttons Kenworth DAF Arncliffe and Steve Brown – Owner, S&J Brown.

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