PACCAR World showcases world-class Kenworth and DAF advances at Melbourne’s ITTES show

PACCAR Australia – the leading provider of complete trucking solutions – will showcase its range of products and services at the 2014 International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES) on 3-6 April at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Twelve best-selling Kenworth and DAF prime movers and rigids will be displayed at one of ITTES’ must see exhibits – ‘PACCAR World’ – which will occupy the Town Square Hoecker.

The most significant new developments will be the official launch of the PACCAR MX-13 heavy-duty engine in Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR trucks, and the unveiling of Kenworth’s new conventional truck cab and ergonomically-designed Business Class interior. The K200 cab-over will also be on display, demonstrating its Active Cab Entry automated step system.

DAF will showcase a range of premium heavy and medium duty trucks in various configurations and specifications. Certain to turn heads will be the flagship XF105 with the class-leading Super Space Cab as well as the versatile CF85 which will be on hand in both prime mover and rigid models. DAF’s CF75 and LF55 trucks will also be displayed with an air lift pusher axle that ingeniously turns a 4×2 into a 6×2.

In addition, the show will include PACCAR Parts’ TRP range, and consultants from PACCAR Financial will be available to discuss specialist truck financing solutions.

PACCAR Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Hadjikakou, says ITTES is the largest transport event in the southern hemisphere and the ideal forum to showcase PACCAR’s products and services.

“We will be presenting world-class Kenworth and DAF models in a wide variety of configurations and specifications. We want to show the industry that PACCAR offers the total package – a complete range of quality, safe and efficient road transport solutions, which draw on the best local and international expertise, and can be customisedfor Australian conditions and individual requirements. Plus all our products are backed by the most experienced and professional nationwide service, parts and support network,” he said.

“At PACCAR World, we will have professionals from most aspects of our business, including engineering, production and sales as well as representatives from dealers across Australia. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand how PACCAR can improve drivers’ working lives and operators’ bottom line,” Andrew added.

PACCAR MX-13 engine powers Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR

The centre piece of PACCAR World will be a large display of the internationally-renowned PACCAR MX-13 heavy-duty engine. This high-performance powerplant, which has powered DAF’s top models since 2007, will officially be launched at the show in Kenworth’s T4 series trucks. On display will be Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR trucks, fitted with the MX-13. In addition, an MX-13 exhibit will display the engine’s advanced componentry and technologies.

The decision to include the MX-13 in Kenworths follows almost three years of research and development. Integral to this was an extensive field testing program across Australia and New Zealand. Customer trials in T4 trucks operating in various applications and conditions, have clocked up more than 1.6 million kilometres.

Kenworth’s field test vehicles were configured with manual and automated transmissions in both single and B-double configurations. Some units accumulated in excess of 250,000 km, subjecting the PACCAR MX-13 engine to some arduous operating environments and a wide range of heavy-duty applications in all seasons.

“Without exception, all trial operators have given the MX-13 the thumbs up. It has proven itself as a sturdy workhorse capable of handling a variety of long-distance, heavy-haulage applications up to 70 tonne GCM,” Andrew said.

“Everyone has been most impressed with the engine’s performance, reliability and lower operating costs. This is especially true for fleet operators, who compared it with other truck/engine combinations. In fact, a number of them said their MX-13 powered truck was the most fuel-efficient rig in their fleet in the applications in which they operated. Several Kenworth customers involved in the trial were so impressed, they have already purchased additional MX-13 powered Kenworth T409 and T409SARs,” he added.

The PACCAR MX-13 has taken the international trucking industry by storm. It has quickly become one of the most popular engines in Europe, and it now accounts for 40 percent of the build of Kenworths in North America.

Andrew says the MX-13 engine is set to be a game-changer in Australia’s mid-range heavy-duty market.

“It utilises next-generation technologies to deliver higher levels of fuel economy, reliability and performance from a very quiet powerplant,” he said.

The MX-13’s 12.9-litre engine completes Kenworth’s powertrain range, fitting between Cummins’ 9, 11 and 15-litre engine offerings. Together, they provide a complete range of engines to suit most medium, heavy and extreme-duty applications.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine provides the optimal balance of power and fuel economy. The six cylinder in-line turbo charged diesel engine will be available with 460 hp (340 kW) and 510 hp (375 kW) ratings, generating 1,700 (2,300 Nm) and 1,850(2,500 Nm) lb/ft of torque respectively, which is available over a wide rev range from 1000 rpm to 1410 rpm.

To comply with ADR80/03 emission requirements, the MX-13 utilises SCR technology. In addition, SMART fuel injection technology is used to deliver high injection pressures combined with precise injection timing and multi point injection. The outcome is an optimised combustion process resulting in low emissions of particulate matter and excellent fuel efficiency.

The MX-13 is ideal for Kenworth’s T409 and T409SAR conventional trucks, catering for a variety of operations, from single trailer and B-double to tipper and dog applications.

“The T409 and T409SAR’s light tare weight and short BBC (Bumper to Back of Cab) length enable operators to maximise payload in a range of applications. When you add the MX-13 to the equation, it takes the trucks’ advantages to the next level,” Andrew said.

“The MX-13 is highly efficient, durable and comparatively light. This enables Kenworth’s T4 series to be even more productive and cost effective,” he added.

On show at PACCAR World will be 70-tonne-rated Kenworth T409 and T409SAR prime movers, powered by the MX-13’s 510 hp engine.

The aerodynamic T409 is well suited to high payload, single trailer and 26-metre B double interstate haulage. The display truck is fitted with Dana D46-170 rear axles, PACCAR’s Australian-developed Airglide 400 eight-bag rear suspension, ABS, and a 36-inch Aerodyne sleeper with a recessed rear panel.

Kenworth’s classically-styled T409SAR, with its set-forward axle, is specifically designed to carry maximum payload for 19 and 26-metre B double and most 19-metre quad dog applications. The MX-equipped display model is fitted with an Eaton RTLO20918B 18-speed manual transmission, Meritor RT46-160 rear axles, Airglide 460 rear suspension, ABS, and a 28-inch IT flat roof sleeper.

A number of modifications have been made to the PACCAR MX-13 engine to optimise its performance for Australia’s harsh operating conditions and applications. This includes fitting an advanced cooling package rated to a minimum 45º Celsius ambient temperature capability.

Andrew says another important component supporting the PACCAR MX-13’s introduction to Kenworth is the nationwide PACCAR dealer network. All dealers are experienced with the MX-13 engine, having supported it in the DAF truck range since 2007. PACCAR dealers are certified with trained technicians, tooling, diagnostic equipment and parts inventory to support the PACCAR MX-13 engine.

MX-13 powered Kenworths can be ordered at the show, with trucks available from July.

Kenworth upgrades conventional cabs

One of the highlights at PACCAR World will be the new ergonomically-designed cab interior, which will be introduced to Kenworth’s entire conventional truck range from May this year.

The new cab will be on show in a cut-away cab exhibit, and it will also feature in all six Kenworth bonneted trucks on display.

Kenworth’s conventional cab has undergone a major upgrade – both inside and out. It includes a host of innovations which greatly improve driver comfort, safety and productivity.

The new Business Class interior is decked out in fresh, contemporary colour schemes and styling. It includes Kenworth’s Smart Wheel steering wheel with finger-tip controls, a curved dash and overhead console, and a privacy curtain; all of which make a more roomy, functional driver environment.

Full-length grab rails provide safer entry and exit from the vehicle, by enabling three-point contact to be maintained at all times.

Andrew Hadjikakou says the new conventional cab and Business Class interior is the result of two years research and development, and takes cues from Kenworth’s K200 cab-over interior, which received rave reviews from customers following its recent interior upgrade.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response to the K200’s new interior. Operators were impressed with the driver-friendly innovations and overall spaciousness and comfort. That feedback inspired us to go one step further with the cabs in our conventional trucks.”

Andrew said the first challenge was developing an identical cab across the conventional range, not only in look and feel but also dimension. The end result provided a bonus for customers of the T359, T659 and C509 models. The new, uniform cab is larger than their previous cabs.

“The new T359 cab has a higher ceiling and more depth. This provides more head space and room for seat adjustment which will benefit larger drivers. The T659 and the C509 cabs also have more seat room and a curved windscreen, which is now standard across the conventional truck range,” he explained.

The first thing you notice inside the cab is the ergonomically-designed dash and overhead console which curves around the driver. This improves visibility and provides easier access to all instruments and information displays.

Andrew says Kenworth rethought the entire layout, repositioning frequently-used equipment closer to the driver and less-used items further away. Radios and auxiliary switches have also been moved from the overhead console to improve driver safety.

“We have relocated items from the console, so that they are easier to reach. This has allowed us to make room for more storage areas in the console but, most importantly, it reduced distraction and improved the field of vision” Andrew explained.

At the centre of the dash is a fully-functional Smart Wheel with buttons on the wheel for conveniently controlling vital operating functions, includingthe truck’s engine brake, cruise control and high-beam headlights.

All electronic service components, HVAC and electrical circuitry have been relocated behind a new panel in front of the passenger seat. This provides better access, and makes repairs and maintenance easier.

Another thoughtful addition is an interior privacy curtain which wraps around the entire windscreen and both door windows. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, the curtain provides complete privacy for changing or sleeping. It also enhances the cab’s living space by visually separating it from the outside world. This makes it more comfortable for relaxing, watching TV or attending to paperwork.

Kenworth’s new Business Class interior comes complete with bright, contemporary colours which open up the driver environment, making it feel even more spacious. The trim is durable vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain.

Andrew says Kenworth’s fully-appointedBusiness Class cab interior offers benefits for fleet operators as well.

“The new cab enables fleet owners, with more than one Kenworth model, to have a uniform look and feel to the cabs. This allows them to standardise their workshop processes and practices, making servicing and repairs more efficient. Also, having a common interior with all essential equipment in the same place, means fleet drivers who switch from one model to another, will have a dramatically reduced learning curve,” he explained.

Kenworths fitted with the new conventional cab and Business Class interior can be ordered at the show, with trucks available from May.

K200 has an ACE system for drivers

Australia’s best-selling heavy-duty truck model, the K200 cab-over, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at PACCAR World. This versatile workhorse can handle a variety of applications, including 26-metre B-double and B-triple combinations.

Rated to 90 tonne GCM, the K200 on display is powered by a Cummins 15-litre ISXe5 SCR engine, producing 525 hp (391KW) and 1,850 lb/ft (2,508 Nm) of torque. It includes an UltraShift Plus FO-20E318B-MXP automated transmission, Meritor RT46-160 rear axles, Airglide 460 rear suspension as well as a generous 2.8-metre Aerodyne integrated sleeper. It has also been fitted with Kenworth’s Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS) Level 2 modules which include anti-lock braking (ABS), automatic traction control (ATC), drag torque control (DTC) and electronic stability program (ESP) as well as 12-volt Trailer Response Management (TRM).

The display truck will showcase the K200 Active Cab Entry (ACE) system. This is an automated step system whereby a set of wide, non-slip steps folds out beneath the door, and LED lights illuminate the cab foot wells. Full-length grab rails also make it safer to enter and exit the vehicle, by enabling three-point contact to be maintained at all times. The ACE system is an ideal option for drivers on applications requiring more frequent cab entry and exit.

Another K200 highlight will be a walk-in, cut-away cab exhibit. Show goers will experience first hand the cavernous interior of the K200. It is one of the most spacious cabs on the market, boasting a virtually flat floor and allowing a six-foot-tall driver to stand upright in the Aerodyne version.

The cab features a variety of ergonomically-designed innovations which inspired Kenworth’s Business Class interior now available in all conventional trucks.

The K200’s interior has also adopted the same colour scheme and styling as the conventional trucks, giving the entire Kenworth range the same appearance.

More Kenworth conventional models on show

Kenworth’s rugged T909 model – this traditional-style, long-bonneted truck is extremely versatile and excels in almost any application, from logging to livestock, pulling a single trailer or a triple road train, where the front axle weight is critical.

Rated to a GCM of 115 tonne, the 6×4 prime mover on display is paired with a Cummins 15-litre Signature EGR engine, generating 600 hp (447 kW) and 2,050 lb/ft (2,779 Nm) of torque. It includes an Eaton Roadranger RTLO22918B 18-speed manual gearbox, and Dana D52-190 rear axles riding on Kenworth 21-tonne multi-leaf rear suspension. It is also fitted with Kenworth’s largest modular sleeper cab, the 60-inch Aero.

Also on display is another popular Kenworth workhorse – the T659. It has the versatility and power to operate in diverse applications, ranging from general freight to logging, mining or livestock haulage, on or off the highway in single or multiple configurations.

Rated to 65 tonne, the T659 on display is powered by a Cummins 15-litre ISXe5 SCR engine, generating 485 hp (362 kW) and 1,850 lb/ft (2,508 Nm) of torque. The truck features an Eaton RTLO18918B 18-speed manual transmission, Meritor RT46-160 rear axles including 2x DCDL (driver controlled differential lock), and Airglide 460 rear suspension. It is fitted with EBSS Level 2.

Also on show will be the T609, Kenworth’s premium aerodynamic conventional prime mover which is ideal for multiple trailer combinations, including B double and road-trains.

Rated to 97 tonne, the display truck is mated with a Cummins ISXe5 SCR 525 hp (391 kW) engine producing 1,850 lb/ft (2,508 Nm) of torque. It features Eaton’s RTLO20918B 18-speed manual gearbox, Meritor RT46-160 rear axles, Airglide 460 rear suspension, plus Kenworth’s largest fully integrated sleeper, the 50-inch Aero Flat Back. It is also fitted with EBSS Level 1, including ABS, ATC and DTC, as well as a trailer lead connection to power ABS on the trailer brakes.

Visitors will also see on show the T359A which offers exceptional maneuverability and visibility in a conventional truck. The T359A is perfect for high-volume urban concrete applications where it can deliver maximum loads and maximum productivity.

Rated to a GVM of 28.5 tonne, the T359A is powered by a Cummins ISLe5 SCR engine, producing 360 hp (269 kW) and 1,180 lb/ft (1,600 Nm) of torque. It includes a six-speed Allison 3200P automatic gearbox, Dana DSH40P rear axles including 2x DCDL (driver controlled differential lock) and Airglide 400 rear suspension.

DAF’s XF105 Super Space Cab

The highlight of the DAF exhibit will be the top-of-the-range XF105 Super Space Cab 6×4 prime mover.

This premium vehicle has won a variety of coveted international awards, and was named 2012 Truck of the Show at the ITTES, when it debuted in Australia. Since then, the XF105 has also earned a reputation with Australian operators for outstanding comfort, safety and efficiency.

The XF105 has the power and reliability to handle a variety of long-haul, heavy-duty applications, from tanker operations to interstate distribution, and it has the maneuverability to negotiate urban environments with ease. Like all DAFs in the range, the XF105 has been modified to better manage Australia’s unique operations and taxing environments. It is equipped with a robust cooling package designed for handling hotter conditions. It is also fitted with PACCAR’s Australian-developed Airglide rear suspension and Meritor axles for long-distance haulage with heavier weights.

Rated to 70 tonne GCM, the FTT XF105 display truck is powered by a PACCAR MX-13 engine, generating 510 hp (375 kW) and 1,850 lb/ft (2,500 Nm) of high torque. It also includes the ZF AS-Tronic 16AS2630 16-speed overdrive automated gearbox, Meritor MT23-165 rear axles, Airglide 400 rear suspension, as well as DAF’s Super Space Cab, the roomiest sleeper cab in its class. The vehicle is fitted with EBS, which comes standard with ABS, Anti-Slip Control (ASR), Brake assist, Drag torque control (DTC) and Hill-start aid. In addition, the model has optional modules, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW).

“Like all DAFs, the XF105 offers a superior driving experience,” Andrew said. “With excellent in cab temperature control, low interior noise and exceptional visibility, the DAF cab provides the driver with a comfortable and safe working environment.”

Andrew says the flagship model is the perfect vehicle for long, interstate hauls where drivers are literally working and living out of their truck.

“The XF105 is available with a choice of two opulent sleeper cabs, both with plenty of room including two bunks. The Space Cab has an impressive standing height of 175 cm, which is bigger than most other rigs. But, what sets DAF apart is the Super Space Cab. It has an enormous 210 cm standing height as well as more living, working and storage space than any other truck in its class. If drivers have to spend a lot of time away from home, the XF105 is the closest to being at home,” he added.

DAF’s popular cab-overs on show

Visitors will also see on display two of DAF’s CF85, configured as a prime mover and a rigid.

The model suits a range of intrastate distribution applications, providing the pulling power of higher-powered units but with lower fuel consumption.

Rated to 70 tonne GCM, the FTT CF85 6×4 prime mover features the MX-13 engine, generating 460 hp (340 kW) with torque of up to 1,700 lb/ft (2,300 Nm). It also includes a ZF AS-Tronic 12AS2330 12-speed overdriven automated transmission. It also includes Meritor MT23-165 rear axles, Airglide 400 rear suspension and a Space Cab. The model is fitted with EBS standard modules as well as optional ACC with FCW.

Rated to 37 tonne GVM, the FAD CF85 8×4 rigid has the same engine and transmission as the prime mover model. It features a new SR1360T tandem rear axle manufactured by DAF, in addition to DAF’s eight-bag ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) rear suspension, and a one-bunk sleeper cab. It is also fitted with the same EBS modules as the CF85 prime mover model.

A must-see on display will be two DAFs fitted with an air lift pusher axle that, with the flick of a switch, transforms a 4×2 into a 6×2.

Andrew Hadjikakou says the extra lift axle enables a truck to be more flexible, by making it more cost effective and efficient to carry various payloads.

“The air lift pusher axle is positioned in front of the driven, rear axle; as opposed to the conventional, trailing ‘lazy’ axle which is behind the rear axle,” Andrew explained.

“The forward rear pusher axle can be lifted off the ground whenever the truck is carrying light or empty loads, which reduces fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and tyre and brake wear. Conversely, employing the pusher axle provides a truck carrying heavier loads with a greater distribution of weight over more wheels as well as better traction and handling,” he said.

DAF will display a FAP CF75 4×2 rigid which it has effectively transformed into a 6×2 by incorporating the pusher axle. The CF75 is a versatile model with low tare weight and a fuel-efficient powerful engine. This makes it ideal for a variety of urban and regional distribution, as well as specialist tasks, such as concrete pumpers, tankers and construction vehicles.

Rated to a GCM of 38 tonne, the FAP CF75 model on display is powered by a PACCAR 9.2-litre PR 265 engine, generating 360 hp (265 kW) and 1,070 lb/ft (1,450 Nm) of high torque. It includes the ZF AS Tronic 12AS1630 12-speed overdriven automated gearbox, the DAF SR 1347 with Pusher rear axle, DAF six-bag ECAS and a sleeper cab. The model is also fitted with EBS standard modules, plus optional ACC with FCW.

DAF has also configured a compact FAP LF55 as a 6×2 rigid, incorporating the pusher axle. This light-weight, economical and highly-maneuverable vehicle is well suited to urban distribution and specialist applications, such as waste collectors.

Rated to a GCM of 26.5 tonnes, the display model is powered by a 6.7 litre PACCAR GR producing 280 hp (210 kW) with 750 lb/ft (1,020 Nm) of high torque. It includes a ZF AS Tronic 6AS1000 6 speed, automated manual transmission, SR 1132 with Pusher rear axle, DAF four-bag ECASrear suspension and a sleeper cab.

PACCAR Parts’ TRP range has parts for all trucks

Also at PACCAR World, is PACCAR Parts’ TRP range of quality parts for American and European trucks and trailers.  The TRP range and value will appeal to owners of older trucks, as well as the mechanics that service them. This new parts range is offered in addition to the comprehensive range of parts, accessories and winches already available from PACCAR Parts, through its extensive retail network.

There will be a range of TRP product categories on display and TRP representatives will be available to answer any questions regarding the new parts range.

PACCAR Financial – trusted advice

PACCAR Financial is dedicated to the road transport industry, and well understands the unique challenges and opportunities it can present; making it one of the most trusted financial services providers in the Australian transport industry. In total PACCAR Financial has been helping small and large customers purchase trucks and trailers for more than 30 years. Consultants will be on hand at the show, offering competitive solutions and advice regarding all transport financing needs.

“PACCAR World will have everything a truck owner and operator needs in the one exhibit,” Andrew Hadjikakou said. “You can choose the right truck and customise it to suit your needs. You can also arrange finance, view parts and accessories, and discuss your local sales, service and support needs with our experienced and professional dealers from across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.”

Kenworth Trucks Australia and DAF Trucks Australia are divisions of PACCAR Australia, a subsidiary of PACCAR Inc, a Six Sigma company. PACCAR is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures advanced diesel engines, provides financial services and information technology, and distributes truck parts related to its principal business.


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